Monday, 27 August 2012

Sweet Little Things About Me - Favourite Quote

Over at Sweet Little Pretties Lisa has asked us to share My Favourite Quote.

I always get a kick out of quotes that ring true, and love to read them all over the web. And on t-shirts. :)
But my all-time life saving quote is: 

There is always tomorrow.

For those moments when things aren't going quite right, this quote is a good one for knowing you can wake up the next day and try again. You might get the chance tomorrow to speak to the right person, say the right thing, be humbled, be strengthened, be uplifted, whatever, so never give up just because of one bad day, or sequence of events. There is always another chance tomorrow.

And as a slightly different version:

I hope, like me, this is a quote that you always keep in mind!

Pop over to Sweet Little Pretties to see more favourite quotes from some of my favourite people. :)



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