Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Favourite Board Games

to answer the question 
What is your favourite board game?

Oh gosh, I could talk about this for hours, and I think I will do just that! 
Nostalgia washed over me when I Googled board games to see all these old favourites! 

When I was young, we loved to play




and some really ancient ones were

The Patty Duke Game (at my Dad's friend's house)

Robin Hood


Chinese Checkers


Snakes and Ladders




Connect Four and

Battleship (with my cousin)

Also, we played a  heap of card games like Snap, Fish, Clock Patience, Patience, Rummy, Up the River Down the River (at my neighbour's house, with matches for winnings), Old Maid, and later on


and Skip Bo.

We also had Bonkers! 

 Wheel of Fortune:

And Trivial Pursuit

But my favourite one of all time is The Game of Life. I love that game!

We used to play this when we went to Mt Barker each year to stay on a farm with my Dad's cousin's family. Such good times, feeding orphaned lambs during the day, and playing board games at night.

Even now we play the Game of Life. Other board games and card games we have played with Jack are 

Monopoly (we have a few different versions), 

Deal or No Deal, 


and Pokemon. 

Did you ever play any of these games??

These days, computer and video games have taken over in the game playing department, and we don't get the board games out much anymore. Mainly only when camping or in power blackouts!
But they are always fun, and a good laugh.

This was a great trip down memory lane. Thanks Lisa!

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and maybe join in on sharing your memories.



  1. WOW!!! You brought back a whole lot of memories and fun that we had growing up...and that my hubby and I have still now! :-] We played most of these! But your snakes and ladders looks like our 'shoots and ladders' here. And our 'Trivial Pursuit' board is square! ^_^ Thanks for the memories!

    1. There's just something so heartwarming about seeing these pics and being rushed back in time to those great family moments. I think many families see board games as old fashioned and don't play them anymore, but, as you know, it's amazing how much fun can be had when you take the time to do it. :)

  2. Oh My Wendy!!!!!!!! You certainly have the whole gamut of games there just about don't you??? :)))
    I've played a lot of those ones, but a lot I haven't! But I recognise all of them except the Patty Duke game. Love the look of it though.
    What a lot of fun you must have, and still do at times, have! ♥

    1. I know, I went overboard, but there were soooo many more games on google images that I hadn't played! The Patty Duke one is seriously ancient, because I recall it being ancient when we played it in the 70s! So fun to remember.:)

  3. We love playing Monopoly and Scrabble - have been playing both since I was a kid with my parents, then my college gang and then my own kids!

    Speaking of Monopoly - heading down to Atlantic City shorty - the city that the names on the Monopoly board come from.

    1. Ah, I hadn't noticed that was an Atlantic City Monopoly! I just borrowed that pic from google images, we don't actually have that particular game! But we do have the Junior Edition, the Star Wars edition, the Electronic Banking edition, and the Here and Now Australian edition. Looking at the range of available editions, I would love to have some others too.:)

  4. I’d have to pick Scrabble. I used to play that game with my cousins every day during summer when I was a kid. The game was not only fun to play, but it also enhanced our vocabulary and memory skills. We got to learn new words, enhance our concentration, and improve our mathematical skills every day.

    Esmeralda Tabarez


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