Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A Glimpse of Daylesford

On our adventure around Victoria we stopped in at Daylesford. There was a spooky mist surrounding the buildings there, which was so magical, that I practically begged to stay overnight! I wish I had got a photo of the mist. In the main street was a fantastic bookshop, Paradise Bookstore, with a black cat mascot. The bookstore was two storeys high and had 14 rooms of books -  it was very cool!

                                                         Someone has a sense of humour!

There were spooky churches

And a tower to climb 

It was sooo dark in the stairwell, wooooo!

And we stayed at a spooky hotel!

Apparently they have great weekend markets in Daylesford, which we missed because it was a Wednesday. 
Oh well, next time!



  1. we LOVE Daylesford...we have been there a cvouple of times on visits when Sarah lived in Bendigo...did you go to the Abbey for afternoon tea...great Gallery there???? we loved the mineral spring spa there tooo.... i am going back there for sure.. so gald you had a good time..
    PS.. Did you get my package????

    1. Yes, I got your package!! I love it all, thank you for thinking of me!

      We were only in Daylesford from 5pm one night until 10am the next morning, so we didn't get to do much at all there! We'll have to go back some time to see more.:)


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