Monday, 30 April 2012

It's Monday, What Are You Reading?

It's Monday already! In the last week I read this book, 

because I wanted to learn a bit more about the First World War. We know about Anzac Day, but this book looks at the whole war and all the different battles. It was easy reading but not light. All the soldiers in the war endured such harsh conditions, and these are described in explicit detail. I found out a lot of things I hadn't realised before, and the chronology of the events of the war are now clear to me.

I actually struggle with Anzac Day because, although I want to appreciate that our men went to war, I don't believe war is the answer. We don't encourage fighting between children, within families, or between people in the street, and yet, our supposedly highly intelligent leaders can't work things out through discussions?? 
Two educated people cannot come up with a reasonable negotiation, so millions of people have to die for that? Key word: NEGOTIATE (taking into consideration history, cultural differences, economical needs etc)
It just blows my mind. 

But, stepping down from my pedestal, one of the books I am reading this week is:

which I got for my birthday!  I love inspirational books, and, while this is probably aimed at much younger people than me, there are little anecdotes and stories within that are applicable to all age groups. 

I also haven't quite got into this one yet, although I have started, but got distracted by the Anzac book:

My Mum found this one for me, which I've been wanting to read:

which, for the one or two of you that haven't already read it, is the record of a man's conversations with his older teacher. Looks like a quick and easy read.

I've also been dipping into a couple of books on my iphone, including this one 

and this one

and they both seem like interesting reads. It's so hard sometimes to decide what to read next!

Anyways, I'm linking up with Sheila's Book Journey to see what other people are reading this week, so join me if you are curious too!


Sunday, 29 April 2012

Happy Sunday!

Hope you've all had some good times this weekend, whether it be relaxing, adventuring, watching movies, shopping or going to church.

We had a little midweek adventure when we went with the youth from our church to the LDS Temple in Dianella.

Such a beautiful building and grounds, and the interior is just wow! I'm thinking I need to adopt some of their decorating ideas into my home! (Especially as there are art deco influences).

Our church has built many temples around the world, and they are all spectacular buildings, so I thought I'd share some pretty pics of them :

Salt Lake Utah  Temple (

Mt Timpanagos Utah Temple (

Logan Utah Temple (

 Draper Temple (

San Diego Temple (

"When you come to the temple you will love your family with a deeper love than you have ever felt before. The temple is about families."

     Richard H. Winkel

We will go again soon!


Saturday, 28 April 2012

Living the Australian Dream

I just finished watching the final of the first series of The Next Great Baker with Buddy Valastro, and the final challenge was for the two contestants to make their own cakes representing their American Dream.

Marissa's winning cake showed her journey from her home and family in New Jersey through school to her baking job, and experience on The Next Great Baker, to her success as the winner.

And this got me thinking, what is my Australian Dream? Traditionally, I know the Great Australian Dream is home ownership, but has that dream changed for Australians? Is it enough?

I asked my son, what he thought was the Australian Dream, and he said, travelling around Australia, which I agree seems to be as important to people as owning a home, and is definitely on our agenda of things that need to be done. I get a thrill about seeing the iconic landscapes and structures that are the stuff of postcards:


Sydney Harbour Bridge

We've really only seen WA and Tassie, and some of the capital cities, so we've got a lot of travelling to do!

Another dream of ours is overseas travel, which is a pretty general dream of Aussies. I would LOVE to see France, England, Italy, European castles, New York, Canada and New Zealand. Of course, I want to see even more than that, but these are the places I would go first.

 (I guess I like cities that glow, and very tall mountains!)

When I was younger I had a dream to get married and  have children. Well, I did both of those, for which I am very grateful! I couldn't imagine life without my boys and love them dearly.

We had a dream to build our own home and we did that, and I love our home! (Just to be clear, we didn't actually do the building of the house, but you know what I mean.)

It would be nice to have something a bit bigger, and a bit flasher. Right now, with the proximity of work and school, our home is where we need to be. And, anyway, we can't decide where else would be better! (Although I saw this house the other day, and thought it was my dream home - not a bad location either! Sorry reader, if it's your house, I got the pic from Google maps. And, by the way, do you wanna sell??)

Another dream of mine is to have the ultimate job. Teaching is pretty good, it's way up there, and I love it!
But it feels like there could be something else. I'm thinking, for many Australians, the dream is to be your own boss.

In the back of my mind, if money was not an option, my dream would be to throw myself into my own creative business and for it to be a success. Something crafty, or artistic, or to write books.

I guess if I was compelled to do those things I would have done them by now, but unfortunately I am a procrastinator when it comes to risk. I like the idea of owning a bookshop, a newsagency, a postoffice, or a gift shop (with stock of my own design), even a chocolate shop, but I worry about the economy and about the time commitment.

The safety of teaching and the joy of children is what keeps me there.

(Which teacher today wasn't inspired by Laura Ingalls in their childhood?)

Our other major dream is to spend time with our extended family, which we do pretty well, although I feel for my hubby that his Dad is in Tassie and we don't see him much. That is a great frustration for us. But what can you do, when your families are on opposite sides of the country?

So, what is your Australian Dream, and are you living it? I'm thinking we are halfway there. I guess the dream is to continue to achieve it; and even when you achieve all you've aimed for, there is always something more!

Tell me your Australian dream...


Friday, 27 April 2012

Film Love - The Darkest Hour

We watched a film last week and had no idea beforehand what it was about. Within about ten to fifteen minutes of scene setting, the action started, and pretty much didn't stop for the rest of the movie. So much for me trying to fold washing etc while I was watching it - this movie captivated me
and I couldn't take my eyes off it!

The falling of lights from the sky observed by a nightclub full of young adults was an awesome sight, which soon became terrifying when they realised these lightning balls were aliens looking to kill. The film is set in Russia, which provided an amazing background to the post-apocolyptic journey undertaken by the five main characters. Since watching Midnight in Paris not long ago, I have been more aware than usual of the sets in films, and this one did not disappoint.

The interior architecture shots are stunning too.

Another good thing is that the film is PG-13, so, although it is gripping and scary, there is no gratuitous swearing, violence or adult scenes to worry about!  Most people will think of it as just another random alien movie, but this really was quite a convincing story, and the setting was a bonus. If you get a chance, give it a go!


Thursday, 26 April 2012

ANZAC - A Snap, A Set, and A Song

On Thursdays I join up with Thea at A Snap, A Set, and a Song, and this week's theme was ANZAC.

Here is my Snap of the ANZAC memorial at King's Park in Perth:

And a Set, that pays tribute to those who wore the army greens:

ANZAC by wendysice featuring a khaki jacket

Jane Norman khaki jacket
£35 -

Donna Karan khaki skirt
$965 -

BURAK UYAN platform boots
$836 -

Proenza Schouler leather handbag
$2,350 -

And a Song, I grew up with, that remembers the young men who fought in the war:

 Go visit Thea's blog to see some more ANZAC tributes, and to add your own, if you wish!


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Carousel at the Zoo

Come and see some awesome pics from around the blogworld!