Saturday, 19 November 2011

Farewell Baby Willow

It was a very difficult week
with the anticipation of my niece Willow's funeral. 

While choosing songs for the service, it was amazing how appropriate the lyrics of songs became
when listened to in a different light.

The opening song was this one from the musical Wicked:

We watched a slide show of pictures of Willow to this lovely old song:

We listened to this one, while we laid rose petals on Willow's coffin. My sister said this music helps her to imagine Willow happily skipping through a field of flowers.

We went outside the chapel to let balloons go, to this beautiful song by Ben Harper:

Emotions were high, and many, many tears were shed, but it was a lovely service, with my sister and her partner giving a heartfelt and honest account of their thoughts, feelings and experiences during this devastating time. 

It was comforting to see so many supportive
family members and friends
there to help remember this sweet child of God.
A collective gasp could be heard as we let our balloons lift to the sky.

Gosh, an occasion like this is heart-wrenching and difficult.
But there was a positive feeling of hope in the air, and I am sure many people left feeling they had helped to make the day somewhat easier for our family, with their love, words and hugs.

Bless our little darling Willow,
and may she dance with joy through the fields of heaven.

Willow Frances Tozer
26/10/11 - 6/11/11

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Something sad

Something sad has happened in our family,
and it has been very hard to write this post.
What began as a bright, happy, new beginning

with the birth of my sister's new twins,
quickly turned to worry and concern

as it was discovered that Willow was struggling to survive
against a myriad of complications with her health.
Puzzled doctors were unable to help,
as Willow became sicker and sicker,
and then slipped into unconsciousness.

Days filled with anxiety passed by, grasping onto hope and prayers
until around midnight on Saturday night, 6/11/11,
our sweet little Willow 
drifted away.

Nothing can compare with the sense of loss
you feel when someone dies,
whether it is expected or not.
Breathlessness, breaking hearts and complete sadness
have consumed us all over the past week,
 as we try to come to terms with Willow's passing.

So precious is a life.
So fragile.

And even though we were able to hold her
and say our goodbyes,
and love and kiss her,

She is still gone
And we miss her so.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Calming Sea

A few weeks ago we caught up with our friend Judith, who used to work with my hubby, and now lives in Tassie. She's adorable and funny! We had lunch by the sea at Spinnaker's Restaurant at Hillary's. The food was delish, and the view very calming.

We went for a walk to look at the 100 year old lighthouse.

That's my boys up there. I'm not too good with heights, but I went up too. Pretty views!

Halloween Adventures

Ooh, it's a late offering tonight, and so it should be - it's Halloween! My boy and his friends, Jacob and Elly,  all looking rather ghoulish, roamed the streets tonight trick or treating, as did half the kids in our small town. I love seeing all the whimsical costumes, especially on tiny children!

We decorated our door with this door wrap, which helped the trick or treaters know that they would find treats at our house.

Our lot knocked on doors for two hours and made a record haul of goodies - check out the motherlode!

Very impressive! Hope your Halloween was fun!