Thursday, 2 August 2012

A Snap A Set A Song - Feathers

I'm joining in with the theme of Feathers over at A Snap, A Set and A Song.
My interpretation is Blackbird, totally inspired by the song of the same name.

A Snap

I found this amazing art by Anne-Julie Aubry when I googled 'blackbird' images. This picture was so gorgeous, I instantly added The Nebulous Kingdom to my favourite etsy shop list!

A Set


Oscar de la renta dress

Valentino handbag

Monica Vinader 18 karat gold ring
$94 -

Amrita singh jewelry

1928 jewelry

Friis Company heart necklace
$17 -

Tom ford lipstick

Shu uemura waterproof mascara

Vintage perfume
$68 -

Rockett St George Love Birds Wall Sticker – Black
$77 -

A Song
I adore, adore, adore this song, which I first really got to know when listening to the brilliant Beatlesque soundtrack of I am Sam. I so love Sarah McLachlan's voice!

There is also a wonderful Glee version of this song, which doesn't have a video, but I'd love you to hear the harmonies of the Warblers - stunning! In this episode, Kurt's bird Pavarotti dies, and he asks his friends if they will sing Blackbird with him. I listened to both versions of the song about twenty times while preparing this post.

Go visit Thea's blog to join in on this fun game!


  1. Oh wow!! Sensational SS&S!
    All that black is so striking.
    The image is divine.
    Your set is so beautiful, I love everything.
    I'd never thought about that song being Beatlesque, but it really is.

    Thanks for linking.

    1. As always, thanks for the inspiration! It is a joy to put an SS&S together each week! xx

  2. Such a beautiful song. I love Sarah McLachlan

  3. Glad you could drop by, Kylez! xx

  4. as Annette de la Renta) (1939-), who was born after Mannheimer's death ... husband, she is now the wife of the fashion designer Oscar de la Renta
    Oscar De La Renta Perfume Gift Set


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