Monday, 6 August 2012

Sweet Little things About Me - Olympics

I'm joining up with Lisa at Sweet Little Pretties to play Sweet Little Things About me. This week's theme is 
If you could go to the Olympics.

I think the image of the Queen parachuting out of an airplane, 

and the multiple Mary Poppins 

are two of the most memorable images from the 2012 Olympics so far.

My earliest memory of the Olympics was the Moscow Olympics in 1980. I remember the fantastic theme song, which we had on a record, and the clip of  Russian dancing, 
(humour me and watch all of this, it's such a catchy song!)

The Moscow Olympic mascot Mishka was a big deal too.

I thought the Opening Ceremony was so cool, and I remember everyone waiting for Mishka's big entrance. 

(It's probably all a bit lame now, compared with today's standards!)

The Olympics didn't really impact on me again until the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Again, the Opening and Closing Ceremonies were amazing. Remember, Kylie on a thong?

And the mascots were on everything! 

I stayed up late every night that year watching the games, and doing cross-stitch!

Then the next big Olympics for me was Beijing 2008, with so many incredible images stuck in my memory

It was just magnificent!

They also had the most adorable mascots. 

We did a whole unit on China in the classroom, with masks and kites and cherry blossom pictures. 
It was gorgeous!

And this Olympics, I've been talking with the kids in my Kindy class about the different sports of the Olympics, but mostly about London. 

The kids are right into it. We have made Olympic torches, Queen's crowns, double-decker buses, Big Bens and Union Jack flags. I have found some great kids books about London on ibooks and we have been reading them from my ipad every day!

Now, if I was to participate in the Olympics as an athlete I would choose archery as my sport. 

Not that I've ever done archery, but I've always thought it looked cool, and is pretty popular now, with the films Hunger Games and Brave!

The sport which absolutely fascinates me, though (ie. how do you begin to learn it???) is diving. 
It always looks so difficult and spectacular 

(and don't you just die, waiting for them to hit their head on the board?)

I love the Olympics. I'm really more in it for the culture, costumes, dancing, and fireworks, but sometimes the  sports are fun to watch too.

Pop over to Lisa's blog to see what other people feel about the Olympics!



  1. Such amazing memories - I love the mascot for Moscow - I love hearing about past Opening Ceremonies. How could you never had tried Archery it is so much fun you need to give it a go. Thanks for playing along xx

    1. I've just never had the opportunity! I must do it with my family some time, because my son used to love bows and arrows when he was younger, so I'm sure he's enjoy the real thing.:)

  2. I missed the opening ceremonies. I did see some of Beijieng's ceremonies, though. Those were amazing.

    Back in Middle School, we did archery. Does a real number on your forearm if you don't hold the bow right. I hit myself so many times, my dreams of becoming Robyn Hood were nipped in the bud.

    Great Pictures you have of the Olympics - thanks for posting them. :)

    1. I've had that arm ache before ...from ten pin bowling! I am seriously hopeless at it!:)

  3. It's really bad but I don't really get that into the Olympics. Maybe because every time I turn on the TV it's the same thing over and over. I need variety lol!

  4. Heaps of it is repetitive and desperately boring, but the highlights are good to watch. :)

  5. Everyone's first Olympics are special, aren't they? I only remembered Kylie and Tina Arena and Dawn Fraser and a host of others when I looked through my photos :)

    Loved MIllie, Syd and Ollie - so clever - and we were the first to have 3 mascots :)

    Sydney did a lot right leading up to and in 2000 - a very proud moment in our history.

    1. Sydney had a HUGE time around the Olympics - it made a big impression on me. I can't remember a particular song that was associated with it though. I noticed at the London Olympics the Chariots of Fire theme music was always playing in the stadium. :)


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