Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday Session

I was inspired by everyone's link ups over at Thea's Sunday Session blog post, that I thought I would play along! There's an oldie and a newbie, and I've chosen some synthy songs after hearing the David Guetta one in the car half an hour ago. I love Fergie's and Chris Willis's  voices in that song.

The oldie is an absolute favourite of mine. My dad opened a record shop back in 91, and there was a whole lot of vinyl stock with some great 80s bands. I got right into Depeche Mode and played the Everything Counts EP about a kajillion times! I love the irony in the song and the pretty boys in the band with their camp 80s dos and clothes. The sing along at the end of the clip is awesome! xx

Head on over to Thea's to hear some more old favourites!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Vintage Wedding

Someone I know is getting married this year, and she mentioned that the wedding would be vintage style. Not sure of all the fine details yet, but here are some art deco images I love, that might be inspiring:

 Film: The Painted Veil

Such fun, planning a wedding! xx

Thursday, 24 February 2011

My Place and Yours - What am I reading?

It's tricky to find time to blog these days, but I wanted to join in with this meme over at hello owl asking what we are reading. At the moment, I am absorbed by an absolutely BRILLIANT book called the Kite Runner.

Set in Afghanistan and America, it is the story of a man who lives with the guilt of how he treated his childhood friend. This is a must-read book, and is unputdownable!

Next on my list of reads are these three:

In particular:
A Fortunate Life
Anne of Green Gables
The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency

All pretty different books, that Mum picked up for me at the thrift shop where she works.

I have joined in a few book reading challenges this year, and you can see these on my sidebar. I often post book reviews too, on my other blog, Wise Owl Books.

My main challenge, for myself, is to read all the books on the Dymocks 2010 Booklovers Best Top 101 Booklist.

That's virtually impossible to read here, but you can zoom in. You can print out your own copy and join in too! You might find you've read a few of the books already. Comment below, if you'd like to join in the challenge. There is no time limit, but I generally read one book a week. I can't survive without books!  (I also fill in the Top 100 lists for Angus and Robertson and Borders!)

Pop over to hello owl to share what you are reading. xx

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Brando's influence

After reading and then watching the film, Gone with the Wind, I thought I would watch another of Vivien Leigh's films, and lo and behold, A Streetcar named Desire was on Foxtel. This is basically a story about a woman, Blanche DuBois, who moves to New Orleans to be with her sister while she tries to build a new life for herself after career and marriage downfalls. Her sister, Stella, is married to Stanley Kowalski, a brutish labourer who is suspicious of her straight away.

While Vivien Leigh clearly depicts Blanche's descent into madness, it is Marlon Brando, as Stanley, who steals the show. He is an AMAZING actor! I couldn't take my eyes off him, and not just because he is good looking and had a great bod back in 1951!

For the fifties, he was a very modern looking man, and he moved in such a way, that made him not seem to fit the era in which he lived. His hand movements were so natural, he was often eating while speaking, and he was just so intense! I kept thinking he reminded me of someone, and then I realised just how many men in modern cinema have been influenced by him in style, performance and appearance:
Billy Zane (he plays a great villain like Brando)

(Aidan Quinn: Same voice and eyes as Brando)

(Jonathon Rhys Myers: same eyes and screen presence as Brando)

Matthew McConaughey

(Michael Pare: the eyes, the hair, the t-shirt, the muscles.)

Can you see the resemblance?
Have you seen any of Brando's films?
What did you think of him?

I am amazed by his acting talent, and also, that he started out so handsome, but didn't age gracefully.

I'd only ever seen Brando in Don Juan De Marco (a movie I LOVE),
but after watching A Streetcar named Desire,
I now know why he is seen as
one of the most consummate actors ever.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I cannot resist a red and white themed day!!

Hope your day had a touch of romance! xx

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Pretty Girls (and One Handsome Boy!)

Just before the end of the holidays, Mum, Kristie and Lily came over for a visit. Lily is the sweetest thing, and had a great time playing with Jack's toys. Here are some pics:

Sweet loveliness!