Saturday, 31 December 2011

When family came to stay

Over Christmas, Jonathon's Dad, Denise and Aleisha came to visit from Tasmania. One of our adventures was a trip to AQWA. There's something very magical about underwater scenes.

 (Can you see the stonefish?)

It was very cool being up so close to the sharks and stingrays!

Friday, 30 December 2011

Lily's 2nd Birthday

My niece Lily turned 2! Here she is in her swing.

She loves this swing!

Lily, Jack, and Lily's other cousin Aidan, played in the tunnels

Lily unwrapped some new prezzies.

She loves to play with dollies.

It got hot, so Lily changed into her Elmo top, which matched perfectly with her Elmo cake and balloon.

Blowing out the candles!

Aidan had a go too.

Such a sweetie!
Happy Birthday Lily!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

My boy turned 13!

Jack's birthday was November 28th, so this post is a tad delayed, but I'm trying to catch up before the year is out!

Here he is with a yummy banana and chocolate cake that I made with a ganache frosting. The cake didn't look that flash, but my word it tasted good!

 To celebrate with his friends, Jack had two of them for a sleepover.

And to celebrate with family we had breakfast at Jetty's Restaurant, which is one of our favourite treats.

Jonathon got to hold Blake

and Lily had her face painted like a cat. Cute!

Happy Birthday, Jack!!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My nephew's 21st birthday party!

It doesn't seem that long since my own 21st, and yet my nephew, who was just a toddler back then, turned 21 himself in November.
Freaky how time flies.

James is a glazier, plays drums in a band and has a sweet girlfriend called Sarah. We partied at the Old Bailey in Joondalup.

 James and Sarah

 James with his Aunty Fiona, cousin Caitlyn and his Nan.

 Sarah, James and his Mum and Dad

 My Mum and her three grandsons, James, Blake and Jack

 Dad and Jane

Callum, Sheila, Fiona and Caitlyn


Kristie and Dave

James on drums

Happy Birthday James!!!!

Baby Blake

With all the goings on of November and December, I haven't had a chance to introduce you to my sister's baby boy, Blake. Here is the little sweetie, on his first day:

with his Nanna

and with his Mum

Just adorable!