Saturday, 4 August 2012

My Place and Yours

I so love the blogging world, and the friends I have made online!
One precious lady, is Cherie from Waste Not Do Want,
who has a meme called My Place and Yours. This week, the theme is Keys.

I adore this I Heart Books keyring because it celebrates my favourite hobby. The bling represents my love of jewellery, and the handbag and shoe charms represent my love of fashion and shopping. I only have my two work keys, my house key and car key here, because that's all I need!

Link up with Cherie at My Place and Yours to let us know something about you through your keys!



  1. I used to play My Place & Yours a long, long time ago. Its a bit of fun, glad to see its still going :)

    1. I've only just started playing along again too! Thanks for dropping in. :)

  2. Love all your pretties on your key ring. x

  3. Really love all your key rings Wendy! Way prettier than mine are! Think I might have to brighten mine up with a bit of bling! :))


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