Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Birthdays All Around

My blog has been lacking in the diary-keeping department lately, so I'm going to share a whole lot of photos from recent family events.

Firstly, my sister Kristie had her birthday (back in March, mind you!) and so we met up with Mum for morning tea. Kristie wore her Alice in Wonderland top, which was way cute, and how cute was Lily in her red and white polka dots?

Then it was Mum's birthday, so we all got together at Mum's house where she had sneakily added some limestone walls to her garden. Looks good!

From the left: Me, Uncle Keith, Aunty Lyn (my Mum's sister), Dave, Jack, Kristie, Lily, Mum, my cousin Jenny.

Lily is laughing hysterically here - cute!

Jenny and her son, Travis

And then it was my birthday! I had a yummy cake, and we nearly had an indoor bonfire with all the candles lit up!

My boys bought me a new bookcase (I had so much fun arranging my books on it, after having them in boxes for about a year!), a cute notebook, and a gift voucher for Spoil Yourself.

I got store vouchers from my folks, gorgeous blockmounted pics from Kristie, Dave and Lily, and eco make-up brushes from my sister, Leonie.

Thanks to everyone for all the pretty birthday cards. Love you! xx

Monday, 25 April 2011

Sunday Session - Anzac Day

It is very late at night here, but I've been looking at all the Easter and Anzac themed songs over at Thea's Sunday Session, and I had to share this one with you, from my favourite Aussie band, Hunters and Collectors. (The singer usually has a brilliant voice, but here it is really strained, as the band was on tour.) The song was inspired by the book A Fortunate life by A.B. Facey.

I thought I would play another of the Hunnas songs for you, and this one is sad and poignant too. Shows Mark Seymour's voice in a better light, though.

Still love this band after all these years...

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sunday Session - Kylie's Channeling Janet

On Sunday's I like to join in with Thea's meme, Sunday Session, where we play two songs, an oldie and a newbie.

Years ago, in the 80s and 90s I was a fan of both Janet Jackson and Kylie Minogue, and this week I found this Kylie clip (I gather it's relatively new, I wouldn't have a clue!) that has her singing a song in Janet style.

Very cool and slinky.

Just so you can compare, for the oldie (although only by a few years) I found this clip of Janet.

Similar style, huh?

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunday Session - A-ha

Each Sunday, I like to join up with Thea's Sunday Session to play two songs, an oldie and a newbie.

This week I was looking through some A-ha clips (I ADORE this band) and thought I'd share one of their songs from the 80s, and a recent one. I just love Morton's voice!

This one makes me all tingly!

Thanks for dropping in! xx

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Giveaway winner!

It's time to reveal the winner of my giveaway! I got my boy, Jack to draw the winner, as you can see in the pics:

Congrats, Melissa!

Thank you to everyone for participating in my 300th post giveaway!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

My Place and Yours - Green

Over at hello owl, we are playing along with My Place and Yours, and the topic is Green.

I considered a few different green things and then I saw this beautiful box that my sister gave me for Christmas. I was so excited when I got it because I had nearly bought it for myself a week earlier when looking for gifts! I love it when people have psychic moments like that!

It is the very palest of greens, but nevertheless, green. I LOVE it!
It sits on top of my chest of drawers in our bedroom and holds...


What's green at your place?

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sunday Session - Jangly Guitars

I'm joining up with the Sunday Session meme, over at Thea's blog.

I kept hearing this song on an ad on TV and wanting to know who sang it. Well now I know, and this is the song:

The Rogue Wave song reminds me of a well-known song by the Goo Goo Dolls from awhile ago. LOVE this song. And this video. And the movie, City of Angels". And the singer!

Come and hang out at the Sunday Session - there are some great songs!

My 300th Post!

Today, I'm blogging as part of the 2011 Ultimate Blogging Party!

The ladies at 5 Minutes For Mom, are hosting this event and there are prizes to be won! It is the perfect time to be partying because this is my 300th post!! Yay!

For those who are visiting from the Blogging Party, things you will find on this blog are posts about:


family adventures

healthy eating


and movie stars.

You can also read my book reviews at Wise Owl Books and my film reviews at A Choc Top and Me.

When I have time, I like to play along with blogging memes, particularly My Place and Yours, It's Monday, What Are You Reading and Sunday Sessions.

To celebrate my 300th post I am having a giveaway!! You can win one of my Tweedledee and Tweedledum notebooks,

a matching giftcard (from my Alice in Wonderland handmade giftcard range),

and a certified organic jaffa flavoured lipbalm (from our miessence shop).

You just might win if you do one or all of these things:
Leave a comment on this post = 1 entry
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Easy! By the way, when you comment, follow, or add me to your blogroll, I will return the goodwill. You have until the end of the Ultimate Bloggers Party on 8th April to enter, and then I will draw a winner!

I look forward to meeting and making lots of new blogging friends from around the world!

Good luck to you and thanks for dropping by!

Wendy xx

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Matinee Idols - Cute TV Couples

I've had a HUGE week of professional development for my work (a 5 day First Steps Facilitator Course) which involved a lot of travelling (and falling in a heap at the end of the day!), so now I can get back to blogging!

Today's Matinee Idol featurette is about cute TV couples. I don't usually watch TV series because I can't be bothered following along each week, HOWEVER I make an exception for Chuck, because I just LOVE watching Chuck and Sarah.

They are so sweet together, but have both been so terribly aware of not pushing their relationship too fast. They actually say "I love you" to each other now, which is so nice! I adore them, and think they are brilliant actors.

If you don't already watch this show, and would like to see a blossoming relationship (I'm a romantic at heart) then tune into an episode or two of Chuck.

Who's your favourite TV couple?