Thursday, 31 January 2013

A Snap, A Set and a Song - Brown

It's Snap, Set and Song time! 
This week's theme is Brown. 

When we were at the Soldiers' Park in Collie on the weekend, we saw these friendly geese. 
They were huge!

My Set - I'm not much of a wearer of brown, 
so I cheated a bit and found all these pieces under 'beige'.

The Lightest of Browns

Pier 1 Imports high heels
$94 -

$1,810 -

Michael Kors twist jewelry

Silver rose earrings

Almost famous

For my song choice, here's an old favourite. 

Didn't you just love Boney M back in the day?

Pop over to Thea's blog to see more interpretations of the brown theme 

in photos, fashion and music.

Love to you!


  1. old school music is sooo cool! 1st time i've heard of/seen her though:)

    1. Oh! Then I'm showing my age! The band Boney M were huge in the seventies. :)

  2. Those geese are gorgeous! I've only ever seen white ones.
    And I love your set...sooooo pretty!!
    Yep, can't go past Boney M.

    Love your SS&S :)

  3. Great take on Brown, I'm home now and look forward to playing SS&S with you all again. :-)


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