Tuesday, 1 January 2013

365 Questions Challenge - No.1: What is your mission?

I got this fabbo little book for Christmas called Q&A a day: 5 year Journal.
Hopefully the publishers won't mind if I share one question each day on my blog!
You can join in too if you like, and have a little philosophical moment each day.
(You can get your own book like this from The Nile)

The first question of the year is What is your mission?
This is a HUGE question! I could answer it in different ways, but mostly I feel my mission is:

To be a motivational mum to my son
To be a supportive wife to my husband
To spend time with my family
To be a teacher who inspires trust, and builds confidence in children
To be organised and efficient.

These different elements of my life don't always meld very well. 
Usually, if I achieve one of them to the best of my ability, 
the others are not maintained, 
so I am eternally trying to make these goals work together. To make them balance.

So that is my mission of the year - to find BALANCE.

Let's see if it can be done somewhat better this year!

Love to you...

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  1. That is a great mission!! Good luck with it.
    Looking forward to reading your answers this year. :)


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