Tuesday, 1 January 2013

365 Days in Nature Challenge

Welcome to the New Year!
If you haven't been here before, thanks for dropping in!
If you visit regularly, I am forever grateful for your loyalty!

I am joining in with the 365 Days in Nature Challenge at The Happy Shutterbug (and not really sure that I will keep up, but, hey you gotta give these things a go!). 

So, yesterday, we went fishing at Two Rocks while the weather was balmy. 
The sunset was stunning!

Tomorrow, I'll share some more pics from this gorgeous fishing spot.

Love to you


  1. That is a magnificent sunset!!! Looking forward to seeing more of your photos this year. (Happy New Year!)

    By the way, I have posted a link to your blog on mine (as a participant in this 365 project) if that is okay with you. You can find it here ... http://mlf365.blogspot.com/

    1. Good idea! I put your blogs on my sidebar so I can get there quickly too. :)

  2. Beautiful Wendy!! What a stunning shot! I'm so glad you're joining in too. I'm putting your blog on my sidebar so I don't miss any. :)

    1. 365 Days in Nature gives me a chance to share a whole lot of photos I haven't yet posted, and some other nature shots that didn't really fit in anywhere along the way. Sometimes you just have to take a photo of a pretty plant! :)


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