Thursday, 10 January 2013


This week's Snap, Set and Song is all about the Heatwave of summer!

I pretty much stay inside in the air con when it's too hot outside, 
so I don't have many pics of the sweltering heat at the moment.

However Broome in Western Australia is the first place I think of when talking about heatwaves. 
And frangipanis are very much a reminder of Broome.

(If you'd like to see more of my pictures of Broome, including riding camels and holding baby crocodiles, head to this place.)

My set this week is all about hot pink and black. I must go shopping for new swimming gear soon, and when I do I'll be looking for something like this:


Beach bag
$39 -

LOFT graphic hat

NARS Cosmetics lip makeup
$28 -

Bright Pink Hibiscus Cotton Velour Beach Towel

My Song: If you live in Australia, you will have heard this song a million times by now, because it is pretty much an iconic summer song. But I never, never get sick of hearing it!

Unfortunately there was never a video made for it, and the live vids are too muffled, but it's worth listening to the track without any pics:


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Love to you!



  1. Ahhhh frangipanis...the perfect summer flower!
    Love that snap!!

    And I'd totally wear those swimmers in the pool. They're very similar to the ones I just bought for our last holiday! I want that beach towel!

    And...yes...GREAT song!

    Thanks for linking with another great SS&S.

  2. Enjoyed the shot of the frangipanis ... color is lacking here right now.

    Your set screamed "HOT" even with the bathing suit and beach gear - pink in a hot color. :-)

    Never had heard that song (or group) before - thanks for sharing it!

    Even though it is winter here now - next week I will be in a much warmer place. Not sure that's necessarily a good thing - it's been warmer than normal there too!


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