Tuesday, 8 January 2013

365 Question Challenge - No.8: What song is stuck in your head?

This question coincides nicely with Tuesday's Tune over at  A Snap, A Set and A Song.

I'd heard the song, Payphone HEAPS of times on a So Fresh CD before I saw the video and I was so surprised at the choice of video. What I thought was going to be a soppy, romantic clip, ended up being a huge car chase with gunshots and car rolls, as though it was straight out of an action flick! 
You gotta take a look at this one! (Although perhaps not with little kids around.)

(There are a few swear words throughout - sorry!)

Pop over to Tuesday's Tune to see some more cool songs.

Love to you!



  1. Oh yeah, it's like they said "We don't care how the song sounds...we just want a shoot-em-up-action-man-video!" I love this song, have heard it lots on the radio and the video is very surprising. Maroon 5 have such a great sound!

    Thanks for linking. :)


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