Friday, 4 January 2013

365 Question Challenge - No.4: The best part of today?

The best part of today was taking down the Christmas tree and packing away all the Christmas clutter! 
There is a certain point after Christmas when all the decorations just don't look so sparkly and magical anymore. I think next year I will take them down on New Year's Eve, 
so everything is done and dusted before the new year starts.

How soon after Christmas do you pack away your decorations?

This is day 4 of the 365 Question Challenge which is inspired by this book:

Love to you!


  1. Our tree is still up but we don't light it anymore. Definitely not sparkly and magical anymore.

    1. The lights really make the tree, don't they?

  2. Mine is still up. I usually take it down just after New Years but my parents are coming for their annual visit next week so I'm keeping it up until next Wednesday.

    1. So I guess you even have presents still under the tree? It'll be like Christmas all over again!


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