Sunday, 27 January 2013

365 Days of Nature - No. 21, 22, 23, 24, 25

On Australia Day, we went to the greyhound races with my Dad and stepmum, Jane. 
Their garden was beautifully in bloom, so I took some pics to share for the 365 Days in Nature Challenge (which is not quite happening as I'd hoped, with a photo for each day, but, when I get a chance, I'm trying to at least share the same amount of photos for the days that pass, if you get my drift!)

       This yellow tree is spectacular! Standing underneath it looking up, I felt like I was in a rainforest!

So, so pretty!

Love to you


  1. Beautiful shots! The second one is particularly interesting.

    Still on vacation but although I have posted photos for while I am gone, I am getting a lot of nice shots to share on the 365 project when I get back next week. :-)

  2. i love gardens! the yellow tree,... i've never seen one like it here.

  3. Did you win any money at the races? What is Australia Day? Is similar to our Independence Day? The countries birthday?

  4. Oh gorgeous!! You know I love flower photos. That hibiscus is stunning!


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