Saturday, 5 January 2013

New Year, New Me

Last year I became besotted with the 1920's era with all it's sparkly dresses, long skirts, peter pan collars and mary jane shoes. Unfortunately it is difficult to find 1920's style clothes that are affordable and modest. Most dresses are quite short and sleeveless. 

Meanwhile, I've also had a bit of an obsession with Wallis Simpson, as a fashion icon.
I loved the film W.E. which showcased some beautiful outfits, 
copies of the original ones worn by the Duchess of Windsor.

After looking at the styles of the 40s, I realised that most of the styles I wore last year were actually influenced more by the 1940s than the 1920s. So, I am going to fully embrace the 40s era of fashion this year, and move on from trying to find inexpensive drop-waist dresses.

Don't be surprised if you see me wearing more dots, brooches, and belts this year!

New Year, New Me

Polka dot dress

Cross bangle

Vintage jewelry

Wide belt
$48 -

Sheer makeup

Chanel fragrance
$73 -

Viva la diva
$6.38 -

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Love to you!


  1. I just love this!!
    Navy & white accessories...perfection!

    1. This is the first polyvore outfit that I'm actually going to buy online because it's not too expensive!

  2. I love the style of heels you have pictured here - much more sane than the pointy toed torture devices that keep rearing their ugly heads. ;) can you tell I have a problem with heels? lol

    If I could wear heels, I would wear the rounded toe heels, I think they're way more sexy than the others.

    Good luck with the new look! Some of the retro fashions are pretty, aren't they?

    1. Really, these shoes are way too high for me, but they would probably be alright for church, where it's mostly sitting!:)


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