Wednesday, 2 January 2013

365 Question Challenge - No.2: Can People Change?

Question 2 for this year is Can People Change?

Absolutely! I have changed dramatically over the years. 

I try to live a good, clean life, but I could do better:

I need to lose weight.
I need to clear the clutter in my house.
And I need to be more committed to going to church.

I just have to try harder!

What changes would you like to make right now?

Join in the 365 Question Challenge and share your thoughts!

Love to you!


  1. What an interesting challenge and a good way to think about different topics!
    All the best for making the changes you want to make this year x

    1. Thanks Lauren! So good to hear from you! :)

  2. I need to lose weight and tidy the clutter too.
    AND I need to drink less wine!! :-/

    1. I have seen people cut out wine and lose a stack of weight, so maybe those two can go together? I'm going to HAVE to exercise now to move this extra tyre - bummer!


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