Saturday, 9 February 2013

365 Days in Nature: 30 - 40

I hurt my back last Saturday, and have not been able to sit in a chair for long, so have not even looked at this blog for six days! So far behind! 
I have some nature shots for you from when we went marroning in Collie a couple of weekends ago. 
Marron are crustaceans that live in rivers. They're pretty ugly, but fun to catch with a net, and tasty to eat!

This is the spot my stepdad always goes to catch marron. Unfortunately it was the wrong time of day for really good pics. The sky was white, and it was already dark under the trees.

This was our catch. Creepy looking things, aren't they?

My stepdad showed us how you can hypnotise marron by stroking them on the back of the head.
The marron tries to run away and...


Here is Jack holding a live marron.

And here he is with a cooked one! 

The marron go red when cooked, and have white meat inside.

We had a midnight feast!

Love to you!


  1. Oh what fun! I bet they are delicious!!
    Sorry to hear about your back.
    My husband's is bad again at the moment as well.
    Nothing worse.
    Hope you're feeling better soon. xx

  2. I hope that you'll feel better soon Wendy!

  3. Sorry to hear about your back, get well soon.


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