Friday, 4 January 2013

Fire in the sky

Over at Thea's blog, A Snap, A Set and a Song, we have a whale of a time, compiling a photo, a collection and a song to go with a theme. This week the theme was Fireworks. On New Year's Eve we saw the Sydney fireworks at midnight on the tele and they looked like this:

Just a tad impressive! Love those colours!

Earlier in the day we watched the sunset over the ocean in Two Rocks, which I shared here.

So this week I created my fireworks set in homage to sunsets, 
because they often have the same colours as fireworks, 
and you can feel the same sense of awe with an amazing sunset.

Fire in the sky

Wood platform shoes

Barry m
$7.32 -

$47 -

Nubar nail polish
$16 -

My Song is not about fireworks or sunsets, but it is about fire. 
(I'm so playing by my own rules this week!) 
Have a listen to this one. You would have heard this song a million times back in the day, but don't be surprised if you feel nostalgic when you hear this tune and watch the video from the movie.  
I did!

So good! 

For some more fireworks fun, go check out A Snap, A Set and A Song.

Love to you!


  1. I love fireworks! Looking forward to taking a new set of them in just a few weeks!

    1. I used to think that fireworks were a shocking waste of money, but then I read about how much employment they create, and changed my mind. :)

  2. The fireworks were awesome! I'd love to see them live one day.
    That set is perfect! Great sunset colours.
    And oh what a song, loved it then, still love it now!

    1. The thought of getting to a suitable vantage point and heading back to a hotel in traffic in Sydney has always put me off the idea of seeing them live, but I think, as an Aussie, it's something you have to do at least once in your lifetime. :)


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