Sunday, 6 January 2013

365 Question Challenge - No.5: What was the last restaurant you went to?

Last night, to celebrate my Dad's birthday, we went to see Jack Reacher at the cinema. 
Even though Tom Cruise wasn't exactly the Jack Reacher I had in mind, 
he was perfect in the role, and has still got his good looks and charm. 
He also has the ability to not just portray a character but to actually become the character, 
so I look forward to many more Jack Reacher movies!

After the movie, to answer the No. 5 question of the year, we went to Fast Eddy's, 
where I totally indulged, and had an American Milkshake (chocolate and stawberry flavoured with whipped cream and spearmint topping, oh my goodness - heavenly!) and a bacon burger. So naughty, but had to be done! Forgot to take photos but the milkshake was something like this:

Mmm, mmm!
Such a good night out- we had a ball!

Love to you


  1. I still do love a Tom Cruise movie!
    But I haven't been to the movies for more than 8 years!! A grown-up's movie that is.
    Really want to see Les Mis on the big screen.
    I have been to lots of restaurants in that time though, I'd rather go to a restaurant than the movies. Turkish was our last one...yummo!
    That milkshake looks so pretty!!

    1. We mostly just go to the movies once in the holidays, but we've already been twice and I'd love to go a few more times! We'd eat out every night if we could, because neither of us really like to cook!


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