Thursday, 31 May 2012

Under the Water

It's Thursday, and time to play along with A Snap, A Set and A Song!

A Snap: This week's theme is Water, and although, I'm pretty sure I've shared this picture before, it fitted so well with the theme that I thought I'd share it again. It was taken at Perth's aquarium, AQWA.

My Set reflects my fantasy side, and my fascination for mermaids. While these days, they are mostly depicted as vicious beasts, I hold onto the idea that mermaids are beautiful, enchanting women from the deep:

Under the Water

Alyce Designs prom gown
$230 -

Sergio Rossi peep toe boots
$1,670 -

Clutch handbag
£350 -

18k jewelry
£190 -

Max & Chloe pearl earrings
$70 -

Giorgio armani perfume
$62 -

Summer Sale-Sea Shell Photography-Sea Shell Art Fine Art Beach...
$18 -

There were at least three songs I wanted to share on the water theme, but this one kept popping into my head through the week. The video has a pretty sad ending, but the tune is so catchy:

I just have to sneak in another video! This one has a totally different feel, but goes with the mermaid theme, and is the happiest I have ever seen Madonna look in a video:

See some more water collections over at A Snap, A Set and A Song, or make one yourself - it's fun! xx


  1. That aquarium shot is amazing! I was actually going to ask where you were diving when you took it. I can certainly understand sharing it more than once. :-)

    1. Ha! I'm definitely more of an aquarium girl, rather than a diving girl! I'm afraid of heights and depths! :)

  2. Gorgeous snap!! I love aquariums. What a stunning set...Mermaids...good thinking! Miss 4 loves mermaids, too. She wants to be a mermaids when she grows up! hehe
    I had that Merril Bainbridge CD! I'd completely forgotten about it. LOVED that song. And Madonna's Cherish is another huge favourite.

    Fabulous snap, set & song.

    1. The mermaids were the best part of the 4th Pirates of the Caribbean! xx

  3. You do these so beautifully
    And that Merrill Bainbridge song is perfect...hadn't heard her for ages

    1. Thanks so much, Ally! Thea taught me well! Fashion, photography and music are three of my favourite things. :)


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