Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Favourite Movies from the 90s

Lisa from Sweet Little Pretties has started a meme called Sweet Little Things About Me, and this week's challenge is to name our Favourite Movie from the 90s. I adore movies so I couldn't stick to just one and had to narrow it down to categories, just like an awards show:

Most spectacular -  Edward Scissorhands

Most inspirational ending- Shawshank Redemption

Most unusual - The Piano

Most lovable character -  Forrest Gump

Most quotable one-liners - Muriel's Wedding

Most romantic ending - Pretty Woman

 Sexiest onscreen couple - Meet Joe Black 

Most heartwrenching - Shadowlands

I could go on and on really! But these are the movies from the 90s that are most unforgettable to me!
How do you feel about them?


  1. Muriel's Wedding is my favorite movie! It's funny because no one I know has ever heard of it. So nice to see it on your list.


    1. It was a HUGE film in Australia and was the launching pad for the careers of Toni Collette and Rachel Griffiths, who have starred in many US films and TV series since. Glad you like it - gives you a good insight to our Australian sensibilities! xx

  2. Such Fantastic Movies! I love them all. Thanks for playing

    1. Ha! I couldn't resist. Movies really resonate with me. Thanks for the meme! xx

  3. Great choices although I haven't seen Shadowlands but if Anthony Hopkins is in it then it probably is very good.

    1. Shadowlands is the story of C.S. Lewis and his great love, Joy Davidman. I will never forget watching this with my mum and sister, and at one point of the story when Anthony Hopkins, as C.S. Lewis, cries and cries, all three of us were audibly sobbing! It is devastatingly heartbreaking, but so well acted. xx


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