Thursday, 3 May 2012

Rosie and Marlena - A Snap, A Set and a Song

     Thursday is the day I play along with Thea at A Snap, A Set, and A Song.
        This week's theme is Rose and, as I've recently just watched the film
   Water for Elephants, the first thing that came to mind was Rosie the elephant.

         So this is my snap of Rosie and Marlena:


         And my set is a tribute to them:
    Rosie and Marlena

                      Rosie and Marlena by wendysice featuring steve madden heels

               Dorothy Perkins print dress
               $44 -

              $1,395 -

             Steve madden heels
            $90 -

           $8.99 -

            Forever 21 hair accessory
            $5.80 -

           $17 -

           $25 -

      My song choice is a jazzy little number by Bessie Smith, from the film's 
                                soundtrack. Gorgeous tune!




  1. Oh wonderful! I haven't seen that movie. Gorgeous set! Love the dress, love the coat, love the shoes, love the headband, love, love, love! Great colours. And I really enjoyed that jazzy little song. Thanks so much for linking. Love your work!! :)

    1. You will love this film! It is very sweet and Robert Pattinson is swoonful! xx

  2. Enjoyed your vision here ... have I mentioned how much of a circus fan I am? :-)

    1. Oh good! Come back tomorrow as I'm doing a Film Love post about Water for Elephants! :)

  3. Love the dress, I think you should buy it! BTW I have lost (or had stolen) my phone so if you need to contact me go the home phone or Dave's mobile. Love u xx

    1. I know, I'm so tempted! Good price too. Shame the coat's out of my price range, lol!

      So sad about you losing your phone, and glad you've been using instagram and facebook because you still have your photos!

      I'll call you on the weekend. Love you xx


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