Friday, 25 May 2012

Film Love - 80s Flashback

We were watching the Project Runway finale the other night when Heidi Klum came out wearing this outfit:

Straight away I thought of Olivia Newton John in this outfit in the movie Xanadu, 

and it got me thinking about how much I LOVE that movie!

There are a lot of art deco influences in the styling of this film. The title itself is an art deco font, and the Xanadu building is streamlined moderne art deco:

The building was the Pan Pacific Auditorium, which burnt down in 1989.

Here are some more vintage touches:

Rather than post every song here from the movie (even though I'm sorely tempted!) here is a video collage exemplifying the dance scenes, sets and costumes from Xanadu:

LOVE IT! And that final high note Olivia hits! You try it - it ain't easy!

If you thought Xanadu was the first film in which Gene Kelly roller-skated, check out this video from his 1955 film It's Always Fairweather:


Many people thought Xanadu was a bomb of a movie, but I loved it back in the 80s, and I love it now!
Sweet memories!

Do you have a soft spot for the Xanadu movie?

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