Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Living Rooms - Art Deco Style

I love the masculine dark woods and walls of art deco styling, juxtaposed with the feminine touch of soft lighting, fresh flowers and pale fabrics. Such an elegant combo. I'm loving these looks:

I have the beginnings of some of these ideas, but I definitely need to get some more wall art happening!
I find people always comment on the pictures in our home. But I need more!

Do you have lots of pictures on your walls or just the odd piece here and there?
I'd love to know!


  1. I have tons of pictures on my walls, very few of them matching. My philosophy for wall art is just to buy things that speak to me, put them up where I want them, and just enjoy them!

    1. That's a good philosophy! I am so fussy it takes me ages to decide what I want to buy! :)

  2. Dear Wendy, I loooove art deco style. It's like living inside a Poirot set. You might enjoy a blog called LOVETHATDRESS. It's a wedding blog but has loads of art deco inspiration there on different posts. If you do a search for 1930-'s style wedding or Agatha Christie style wedding there's some lovely inspiration. I should post links to you but should be editing at the moment! If I get a chance, I'll return. xx

    1. Thanks for those links! I have been Googling art deco but hadn't come across these sites yet. Going to look at them right now! xx


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