Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Funny Book Titles

While Googling around,  I came across an amusing blog that posts one "better book title" each day.
The author of the blog, Dan Wilbur, says:

"This blog is for people who do not have thousands of hours to read book reviews or blurbs or first sentences. I will cut through all the cryptic crap, and give you the meat of the story in one condensed image. Now you can read the greatest literary works of all time in mere seconds!"

  I thought I'd share some of his better book titles here. 

(Real book title: A Moveable Feast)

(Real book title: The Remains of the Day)

(Real book title : The Atonement)

(Real book title: To Kill a Mockingbird)

(Real book title: To the Lighthouse)

(Real book title: The Return of the King)

If these better book titles make you smile, you can check out some more at Dan's blog.


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