Friday, 11 May 2012

Red Dog - Film Love

Even if you are not particularly a dog lover, who wouldn't fall for a face like this?

This is Koko, star of Aussie film Red Dog. In the film, he plays Red Dog and does a damn good job of tugging at the heartstrings, as dogs do. (Koko actually lives in Perth, I'm hoping we bump into him at King's Park sometime!)

If you have been in the Northwest of WA, the setting of this film is instantly familiar, with its red dirt and open plains, and you almost feel the heat of the land radiating off the screen! 

Set in the 1970s, in the mining town of Dampier, and accompanied by a soundtrack of 1970s music, including AC/DC, Smokie and Suzi Quatro, we get to know the comical occupants of the town, who work the land, while living in shacks, caravan parks and pubs. 

There are some hysterical scenes with these guys:

and some crazy wrestling matches between Red Dog and a red cat.

But for the most part, this film is about a hitchhiking dog who makes his way around the Northwest looking for a human companion. 

And he finds one, the only man who won't let him ride in his vehicle. At first. When John (Josh Lucas) comes to town, Red Dog is smitten and so is the new girl on the block, Nancy (Rachael Taylor.)

After two years of companionship, one day, John does not come home, and Red Dog waits on the porch for three weeks. 

Following this, his determined search for his companion is both a heart-wrenching and fascinating sequence.

The characters are lovable and amusing, the story, memorable and the dog, adorable. Red Dog will hook you in, and make you laugh and cry.

Bittersweet, brilliant and based on a true story.

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