Friday, 18 May 2012

Sherlock Holmes - Film Love

The two recent Sherlock Holmes movies have provided the ultimate role for Robert Downey Junior - that of a manic, dependent, intelligent being with the power to influence people. 

Gosh I love this character portrayal of Sherlock Holmes! And the clever cinematic devices that create quirky and memorable effects in the film, namely the slow mo fight scenes, and the long shot zoom-ins. 

Every single scene in this film was elaborately thought out, from sets to buildings, to costumes and props, taking you right into the world of the late 19th century. There is humour and drama, and an insight to the mind of a man who observes and analyses every detail around him, enabling him to discern the most discrete of happenings.

Of course I couldn't let a post go by without sharing some pics from the film, because for me it was a visual feast. I love historical pieces with a passion!

The interplay between Holmes and Watson is hysterical, because Holmes is both frustrating and a genius at the same time. Jude Law plays Watson brilliantly. I wasn't that fussed with Noomi Rupace's gypsy character, nor was I taken with Moriarty the villain, but Holmes and Watson I could watch all night.

Worth it for the train sequence alone. Great entertainment!

Have you seen the movie?


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