Thursday, 10 May 2012

Autumn - A Snap, a Set and a Song

On Thursdays I join up with Thea at A Snap, A Set and a Song, for her fun photo, fashion and music meme. This week's theme is autumn.

Firstly, a Snap. There are no autumn trees around my very Aussie neighbourhood! But here is a pic I took at the A Maze'n maze park in Margaret River about this time last year.

A Set: I had a ball looking through polyvore to find items for this collection!


Autumn by wendysice featuring coats

Tory Burch polka dot shirt
$225 -

Trench coat
$135 -

Yves Saint Laurent tote handbag
£1,189 -

Post earrings
$14 -

H M hair accessory
£1.99 -

Yves saint laurent lipstick
$30 -

A Song: Lots of autumn songs out there, but only one to suit my art deco mood:

Come over to Thea's blog to see other readers' interpretations of the autumn theme!



  1. Enjoyed! Though I try to stay away from fashion for my set, fall was always a special time during my 2 decades in the fashion industry. The big fashion "driver" here for fall is "Back to School." which is August or September depending on where you live. However, we would start buying the fall items right about this time of year - mid spring. :-)

    1. I've always thought how hard that would be as a buyer to get excited about a season's items two seasons before. Especially the summer and winter months. There's nothing worse than looking at a big woollen jacket in the peak of summer heat, or a pair of bikinis in the chill of winter. I admire the sense of vision that people in the fashion era must have. :)

    2. Gorgeous snap! We're the same here, no pretty coloured leaves in the trees :(
      The set is stunning as always, reminiscent of the 1940s, love that fashion era. I want that coat, it makes me wish it cold enough to wear it here!
      And the song matches it perfectly. What a great mood you've created.

      Thanks for linking. :)

    3. Not long and it will be cool enough here for jackets. Can you believe we're nearly half way though the year already?? I'm writing mid year reports this week. WT? xx


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