Sunday, 6 May 2012

Happy Sunday!

After having a sore neck/shoulder yesterday that gave me vertigo, I was relieved to feel much better today and was able to go to church. Jack wore his new suit and shoes and looked so smart. 

He's been showing a new maturity since he was ordained with the priesthood. He is blessed to have great leaders in the Young Men's programme and has made friends with all of the boys.

I wore this outfit today. 

I love the dress, from Spoil Yourself, and the little cardi from Rockmans has been very handy this autumn. I'm sharing this outfit at the Watch What I'm Wearing link-up, where you can see other modest outfits to wear to church:

One of the lessons at church today was about the basic principles of welfare and self-reliance. Funny because, Jack and I watched a movie the other night called The House of Sand and Fog which was pretty much on the same topic. 

The woman in the film was a recovering drug addict, and was evicted from her house for not paying taxes. A man who had immigrated from Iran desperately wanted a home for his family that he could buy cheap and sell for a profit. It happened to be the woman's house. Thus ensues a battle between the two over who should rightfully have the house, with both parties believing wholeheartedly in their own story. As a viewer, you can see both sides but ultimately you know that they put themselves in this predicament; her because she had lost her ability to be self-reliant, and him because he had not used his money wisely in the past, paying exorbitant rental on an apartment and having an expensive wedding for his daughter.

The movie had a devastating ending and you are left thinking is it really worth losing everything you love by being greedy and trying to create a facade about your life? The answer, of course, is a resounding No.
This movie and the lessons we had at church today reminded me that is important to be prepared, physically and spiritually. Be wise with your life choices and be wise with your spending. Provide for a rainy day, so if your life changes in an instant you are not left destitute.

Just thought I'd share that. Hope it strikes a chord with you.


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