Saturday, 12 May 2012

Things-to-do list

Hi, it's Saturday, and there are lots of things to do today!


To buy: Mothers' Day presents

vintage style clothes for myself,

a Paris poster
and a Pax Malm wardrobe from Ikea
cushions from Target

To read: These behaviour management books

To write: Reports and behaviour management plans for the happy little kids in my class

To organise: My bedroom, from this

To this

Carole Lombard in Man of the World 1931

Hopefully I'll achieve some of these things today! 
What's on your to-do list for this weekend?


  1. I saw those cushions in the Target catalogue and fell in love., but I have resigned myself to the fact that there is no point in redecorating (i.e. having nice stuff) until the babes are a little older. xx

    1. Ha! Even with my boys I have to constantly replace cushions because of all the pillow fights around here! Anyway, the cushions I wanted were sold out! And I didn't get anywhere near Ikea! But I managed to get some Mothers Day gifts and clothes. The big ticket items can wait until next week! xx

  2. I love that quote from Alice in wonderland! Thanks for your kind words about my day job! Hope you see some positive changes and some goals kicked with your students too!

    1. Oh, me too! I learned something today about the Good Enough Mothering programme from the 60s, which advises parents to teach their children how to self-soothe when in distress (ie. throwing a tantrum),by encouraging the child to think about how other people feel, rather than focus on their own needs. The overall message was, for anyone who feels unhappy, they should give to others in need, not just taking some old clothes to good Sammy's, but personally offering a service to someone in need, and then their own misery is lifted.

      I'm going to try this with my tanty-throwing kids this week! xx


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