Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year's Eve

We went to our friend Emma's place for dinner tonight. She made a heavenly quiche, and we brought salad, Christmas pudding and custard (who says Christmas is over?!) The boys played in the street on their blade boards and electric scooter, while Em sat to water the lawn which has been scorched by our recent 40 degree days. (Em has a prolapsed disc, so all movement is pretty painful lately).

After dinner, Em's family introduced us to RockBand, and, while we're almost always happy to grab the mic for a sing, this playing drums and guitar thing had us a bit bedazzled. Em has really taken to the drums, while Paul, Brendan and Rhys are champs on the guitar and bass. Jonathon and Jack got the idea of the bass guitar pretty quickly. We're going to need some more practice to get as good as these guys, though!

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