Saturday, 31 January 2009

New computer desk from Ikea!!!!!!

I have been wanting to get a new desk for ages and now it's here! You wouldn't be able to even guess how excited I am about this!! A desk with shelves!! I am in heaven!!!! I cannot even express it. Anyway, I spent a bit of time today filling some of the shelves. I want them to be decorative as well as functional.

And along the top, my collection of inspirational books. As the inscription on the Willow Tree figurine says, Open Books, Open Minds.


  1. I adore the willow tree people Wendy ..i have six i have managed to collect as presents so far and yes i agree with the fresh flowers in the home...i try to have them even if they are just greenery that is fresh and glossy like camellia leaves...and once again you make me drool...just love that desk..when oh when is Ikea coming to Tassie can anyone tell me please.just love the idea of a Queen of Hearts wuilt...perhaps we could design it together??? Any ideas???

  2. Ikea my favourite place...NOT

    What about the poor husband that has to put all the flat packed stuff you girls buy together..???

    Who invented that stupid device called an Alan key???


    A dedicated Husband

    Who still has sore wrists and empty cardboard boxes all over his garage floor that wont fit in the bin......


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