Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Always reading, reading, reading

I have read a couple of books this week that have been great! Totally different styles, one a rambling epic set in 19th century America and Scotland, and a book of contemporary short stories set in Australia, that I got for Christmas. I'll pass them onto Mum when I see her next.

Actually, our friend Richard gave both these books to me. He's a reader too.

Richard and his Mum, Betty, came for a BBQ lunch on Boxing Day, but I forgot to take photos. Betty gave me a hand towel and face washer that she had crocheted around the edge. Love that! And she made a tiramisu with cocoa (instead of coffee) that was amazing!

I've got a pile of books to pass onto Kristie too. I read them during the year.

There's stacks of others that I've read too, but they're doing the rounds at the moment - The Lollipop Shoes, The Shack, The Forgotten Garden, World Without End, The Twilight series. I'll tell you others as I think of them. All highly recommended!

By the way, have a Happy New Year!!

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