Thursday, 15 January 2009

More of our day trip

The Gingin Observatory also has a Gravity Discovery Centre, with many displays to demonstrate the force of gravity. It is educational (particularly for science buffs) and fun too!

You can also go on a night tour where you get to view the night sky through massive telescopes. I haven't been on one of the night tours at Gingin, but I did go to the Observatory in the hills (hmm, can't remember exactly where, Toodyay, maybe??) in my uni days, and that was a LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE! To see the moon, Saturn, and Jupiter up close for real (as in, not in a book or photo) was awe-inspiring!! It brought me close to tears and was real lump-in-the-throat stuff. If you are ever near an Observatory, book in for the night tour (they are only at certain times of the year). You will not regret it!

The faceted dome building is a work in progress and has a fascinating display around the walls of the evolution of our galaxy, earth and its inhabitants.

The Leaning Tower in Gingin was built to lean on a slant, it is not slowly collapsing! You can get a certificate for climbing it. We did! You don't actually get a sense of the building leaning when you climb it, but in wintry weather, I imagine the winds must howl around it and make it tremble! All I know is it is 13 stories high and you definitely get a sense of that! I can't even show you a photo showing the slant, because you would have to be way over on the other side to get that angle.

Every now and then, there is a glimpse of flowers in the natural surroundings. Beautiful!

The cafe has hot food until 3pm, and yummy cakes! (Always on the lookout for those!)

You can spend a good two hours there, looking at everything.
Also, not too far up the road, there is a honey farm where you can buy all types of honey and even honey ice-cream. Yummo!

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