Monday, 26 January 2009

Kristie and Dave's Engagement Party

Yay for Kristie and Dave!! They are the sweetest couple!

Sunday was a scorcher, but the garden at Kristie and Dave's place was green and shady, and made for some lovely family pics. There were reunions all round as we caught up with family we hadn't seen for ages!!
My boys

My blonde sister

My brunette sister

Mum and Leonie

Aunty Lyn and my boys

Uncle Keith and Dad


Jack with Aunty Leonie and Uncle Mal
James, Mal, and Leonie
Jack and James
My stepdad, Gary and his partner, Ruth

Gary and his brothers

And their ladies

Dave's parents

Ash, Deanne and Kristie
Kristie and Sandy

Heading home

Happy Engagement!!!!

Sunset from Marmion Ave on the way home...


  1. what a wonderful collection of family shots you have taken...are you going to create a scrap book album for your sister with them???? you and your sisters are alike Wendy ...all gorgeous ....and the ring is a ROCK...Tell her Congratulations from us ....

  2. Hello, thank you for posting such gorgeous pictures (definitely makes up for the dodgey Christmas pic!). Everyone looks relaxed and happy, even in the heat. A huge thank you to you, Jonathon and Jack for all your efforts in helping the day run smoothly. Jonathon is the washing up king!!! And what a beautiful sunset to top of a wonderful day... I'm still smiling. xx Love Kristie and
    Dave xx


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