Friday, 9 January 2009

Last traces of Christmas

I have been trying to pack away Christmas decorations for about three days! I thought I'd show you some of my favourites.

I love that I have a real Nutcracker soldier (just like the ballet!) Jack made the wooden Christmas tree in Pre-Primary, and I sooo appreciate how much time that would have taken (thanks Ms Craigie!) The other decorations were presents from students, from over the years. Check out the St Nicholas made of Fimo. What an artist that parent was!

These ornaments were made by my Mum. They are stunning, and look amazing on the tree!

This one was a present from a student. It is exquisite! I hung it off the back of a chair so you could see it better. Hmm, not a bad idea...

Jack made a candle holder at school for Christmas. Cute!

(By the way, I'm loving the red table runner I got on special from Freedom!)

This candle holder was a present from Kristie and Dave. Love it!!

And here are some other gorgeous Christmas presents!

Mum gave me a new, shorter chain for my Pandora bracelet, and 5 new, shiny beads.

Dad and Jane gave me a stunning necklace in one of my favourite colours, aqua, with sparkly gold bits.

Goodbye to Christmas for another year!

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  1. oh Wendy you make Christmas so special ...i havent got many special ornaments but i do have a special christmas tree few that Chelsea has given me one each year when they were in USA(by the way i didnt get one this year...)I love the red table runner by the way...Auntie Anne and Uncle KelvinXXXXX


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