Sunday, 25 January 2009

Visiting friends from the past

Jack and I had a great day on Friday, catching up with my friends, Teresa and Kirsteen. I used to work with them about 13 years ago! We drove to Kirsteen's place in Ocean Reef, and then we went in her car, with her 3 month old baby Chloe, to Teresa's house in Kalamunda. It is very pretty up in the hills. We're used to the bright sun coming off the sea, but in Teresa's world there are graceful, shady trees, and leafy vistas from every window.

Kirsteen's new baby is a sweetie!

And pretty, like Kirsteen!

Teresa was looking well! She entertained us with stories of her obsession with Andre Rieu, (pin-up boy for the young at heart), and with her AMAZING paintings. Teresa has such a talent for painting nature and buildings. I suggested she should sell her paintings on and I hope she gives it a go.

It was so much fun to catch up with the girls after all these years! We shared lots of stories from our days working in the Public Library Service at the State Library. We shared a picnic lunch, and laughed and laughed!

Love you girls!!!


  1. I laughed so much that day! It was fantastic catching up with you both and I would love to do it again soon. You were both amazing people to work with and I loved every minute I spent with you, and still do.

    I was so impressed with Jack he is such a gorgeous boy with so much respect, so easy to talk to, a heart of gold, hilarious like his Mum, and so well behaved. Hats off to you and Jonathon you have done an amazing job with him. You can give me parenting tips any day.

  2. OH Wendy that little baby is sooo cute ...andlooks good in your arms...Jack would love a sister????


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