Thursday, 22 January 2009

Organising heaven!

Sorry to have been AWW (Absent Without Warning) from the blog for a few days, but I have been busy shopping and organising a new work space for scrapbooking. I bought this antique desk about fifteen years ago and it has mostly been used as a glorified ornament. But I love it, and after being inspired by other people's workspaces on their blogs (Jonathon's Auntie Anne being one of them at I decided to fill the desk with all my scrapbooky things. Here it is with the desk closed.

Here it is with the desk down.

A close-up of the top part of the desk. The 52Q booklet is my latest scrapbooking venture. Emily Falconbridge (a well-known scrapbooker) has started an art journal challenge on her blog Each week she asks a question like "What are your wishes for 2009?" and you can answer it in any format you like. I've filled my book with the funky papers I bought the other day, and next I will put in all my entries for January.

Even closer, you can see, from left to right, plastic containers for small alphabet letters, little booklets, ribbons, embellishments and small borders (take-away containers are the perfect size), small square patterned papers, tools, pencils, textas, plastic sleeves for long borders, letter stickers and tags. (Gotta love those arches!)

The drawer holds big scraps of plain paper. Check out the heart-shaped handles - I love this desk!

Here are the bottom shelves.

There are boxes for big alphabet letters ($3.00 from Born to Scrap - fishermen take note!) for stickers,
for ribbons,

for small scraps of paper, a pile of scrapbooking magazines, and a scrapbooking book with stacks of borders and tags in it.
On the bottom shelf there is a set of drawers that holds tools,

a cuter-than-cute, ancient sewing box from my childhood that holds numbers,

and a box of fancy scissors.

Underneath the desk, I have put a tray (Kmart $5.00!) to hold all my big scraps of patterned papers and my guillotine.

To the side of the desk is a very heavy concertina folder with full-size scrapbooking papers organised into colours. Heaven!

I understand that this will be TOTAL OVERKILL for non-scrappers to read, but perhaps my scrapper friends will be somewhat interested in, or even inspired by my organising venture. I don't have rooms full of scrapbooking gear, but this is enough to get me by with small projects and bits and pieces for school.

I love it!!!!!!


  1. i am so impressed Wendy...I adore that desk and covert it so badly...MMMM... i think you have done an awesome job fitting it all out aboutrenting yourself out to set up other peoples spaces...i know there is a reall market for that sort of thing...just love it to bits...well done you get my vote for the most organized and the best space ever....who needs a room anyway!!!!! and i LOVE that desk.

  2. I LOVE the desk and I had no idea you were into scrapbooking. I am just getting into scrapbooking now after doing cardmaking for years. I will have to share some websites with you, one that springs to mind is

    Gorgeous desk!

  3. How freaky! Jonathon's cousin Chelsea Parsons, who has a blog, (and her mum writes Nettie's blog),is one of the designers at Two peas in a bucket!! Teensy world huh? Maybe you could sell your cards on !

  4. I can't believe how small the world is, especially our part of the world!

    I will have a look into etsy and I'll let you know how I go.

  5. It looks sooo cool! love it, love it, (i want one now) My sb (scrapbook) space is so messy and tatty compared to yours. well done. I think i remember that desk!?
    val :-)

  6. i remember the desk wendy... remember when up @ two rock's and u used 2 have that blow paint thingy???? :) and i used 2 paint with it hmmmmm...... cough cough cough that was cough 11 to 12 year's ago cough lol :D


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