Monday, 12 January 2009

The Leaning Tower of Gingin

We went for a day trip to the Gingin Observatory. We have been before, but there were some new buildings this time.

The boys were so excited about climbing that tower. Me, not so much. But climb it we did. Here are my boys on the way up.

Then at the top.

Looking down, you can see the shadow of the tower. It is the tallest leaning tower in the world! We each dropped a water balloon down a pipe to the sand below. Jack and Jonathon watched them burst, but I couldn't look!

This is when you realise they built this place in the middle of nowhere!

On the way down. A 37 degree day and the wind was vicious on the tower!

And back on ground level. Legs are like jelly!

(You can tell a man designed this thing!)
Two days later, and my leg muscles are still sore from climbing up and down the tower. Never again!


  1. you do mean LEANING tower dont you??? so it really does lean ??? like the Leaning Tower of Pisa??? i with you legs would be jelly forever climbing that structure...but oH the view was magnificent...even if it is flat as a Auntie Anne XXXXXXXX

  2. Hi Wendy.

    I'm loving your Blog... I show Mum your updates when she visits. I've never been to Gingin - the leaning tower looks interesting. Is there much more there to see - if so I might take the boys for a day trip.
    Pat on the back to you Wendy for keeping the Blog up to date. I hope you enjoy adding to it, as much as I enjoy seeing it...
    Love to all and special hugs to Jack from his cousins Travis and Andrew. xx
    Lotsa love. Jenny


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