Saturday, 10 January 2009


On Thursday, Emma, Jack and I picked up Jonathon from his work and went to BCF (Boating, Camping, Fishing) to look for fishing gear for Jack.

Jack sussed out the rod he wanted. (This is serious men's business!)

Can you believe these pink fishing rods? The label is LipStix!

After BCF, we went to IKEA (LOVE IKEA!!) I was on a mission to get some goodies to make my new furniture look glam, because after taking down all the Christmas decorations, it was a bit bland. First stop was the cafe, for a delish hot chocolate and yum apple slice. Funky curtains!

I'm loving how my sofa table looks now! (Although I still have to get a frame for the print, but they were out of stock.)

The candles were a Chrissy present from my education assistant, Emma (a different Emma!), and they smell divine! The AVENY vase (which yes, looks a little like a beer bottle, but is actually tall and elegant) was $22.95 down to $6.95!! So many bargains at IKEA at the moment, especially with decorating accessories and prints. I got some other things too, mainly shelving and boxes, but haven't set them up yet.


  1. oh you make me jelaous Wendy...i adore Ikea and wish we had one here too.. love the cabinet and i have just put all my decorations away too and i agree ...the place does look a bit bare.
    I love the fishing rod shop .... and the secret mens business pic os Jonathon and cute ..but hey dont tell Jonathon that...Love Auntie Anne.X

  2. not only men's bussiness but it's also girl's bussiness 2 ;)


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