Friday, 2 January 2009

New Year's Day

We have been playing Monopoly Tropical Tycoon for two days!! It is awesome! Jack got the game for his birthday from my sister, Leonie, and her family. It's basically like Monopoly, but you use a DVD during the game. Also, instead of houses and hotels you can build beach houses, piers, restaurants, parks, casinos and resorts, that all have conditons when you land on them. We had a lot of fun playing it!

We made chocolate cookies today, which were yummo, and Jack practised on his Blade Board. He can go a really long way on it now!


  1. oh yeah oh yeah..... finally I get to catch up on you guys!!!! We are having a coolish summer so far. Perfect jeans and t-shirt weather. wish you were here!

  2. that game looks awesome...we love board games ...well any games really...we have this one called "Blockus" is fantastic...just as its name suggest the aim is to block your partner on the board with the irregular pieces you have...they have to fit the squares are a winner if you use all your good and four people can play or teams.
    hope your having a rest Wendy as holidays go so fast and the school year has begun ya Annette and Kelvin XXXXXXXX


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