Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Good buys

I better keep posting now, because school starts for teachers on Thursday, and I may never get to post again!

I went to the shops last week and got some great buys. Firstly, at Coles I found this el cheapo set of office supplies. All this for $15!

Next, from Newspower I found a beautiful diary for work.

I got some photo albums from Kmart, and filled them up with photos of Tasmania.
And this book from Angus and Robertson's. I feel guilty saying I bought it for the cover (so pretty!) but actually it has turned out to be a really good read.
A bit like Chocolat, as the girls mix magic flowers from the garden into their cooking to influence people's behaviour. Quirky and fun!

And on the subject of books, I've just read these three books.

  • P.S. I Love You: good, but the movie was better.
  • A Small Part of History: pioneers on the Oregon trail, wow, what they put up with!
  • And Midnight is a Lonely Place - a gripping thriller, but bit of an anti-climax at the end.

I've just finished this book too.

This one's really quirky! But beautiful, magical.
Now, I better go fold some washing.


  1. Oh you put me to shame with your reading.... i have not even finished the last Judy Nunn i have been reading because the girls have kept me busy with the holiday activities...but a nice busy anyway...and i wish we had bargains like you get over here ...i really want me one of those kits too....would set up my desk here nicely...dont stop blogging ...set yourself a time to do it when you get home from school and before tea or after and i know you will get it done .. perhaps not every night but at least once or twice a week...i am missing you already so PLEASE do it for me if for no one else...I have loved seeing your special places being part of your life by blog...perhaps you can teach Jonathon ?????? or even Jack????

  2. Oh and i too love the cover of Garden Spells...i am going to buy it just for the cover too...you have inspired me


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