Saturday, 10 January 2009

Sun and surf

Jack had been begging to go to the beach all holidays, but it really has been too hot. Finally I gave in and took him, on Friday, to the Lagoon. We stopped for some hot chips, an ice cream, and a bottle of water at the Beach Cafe.

The sand was beautiful and warm, and the breeze was in.

The water was pretty rough but Jack likes it that way; the more waves to catch, the better! He is really into Baywatch at the moment, so he was showing me his Baywatch moves, including slow-mo running to the water! He's a crack-up!

It is a pretty place to be!


  1. oh wow you make me jealous of those days at the beach.... Baywatch boy you Auntie Anne XXXXXXXX

  2. and he also melt's ya' heart 2 :) lol gee wendy....... i still treat him like he's tiny.... but then i'm like chimere!!!!!!!!!! wake up!!!!!!! lol he'll b 11 this year but i still treat him... ohh i donno.... like he's about 2 or 5 pick whichever lol


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