Thursday, 1 March 2012

Make a Change: Sleeping Beauty

I have been making a few changes this year, trying to do a project a week (I will let you know how that's going soon), and making challenges for myself.  My challenges and projects seem to work better if I announce them on this blog, as I feel I am accountable to the world, in a sense.

Today's new challenge is to: Be in Bed by 10.30pm.

Those people who know me pretty well will be smirking at this stage and thinking that I'm going to fail miserably at this, as I am a notorious night owl but hey, I've got to give it a go. I've tried to challenge myself to go to bed before 12am, and before 1am, and it works sometimes, but mostly I just get caught up doing 'stuff' and then it's 2am again. I'd really like to break this habit!

So it's the beginning of a new month, and today is the day. I have half an hour and then I need to be in bed.

I'm sure you all know how much support through comments help, and this is my hardest challenge to conquer, so, if you have a moment, wish me luck - I need some cheerleaders! Also let me know if you want to attempt this challenge too - there are possibly some other night owls out there who feel the midnight hour is the best time to play, and would like to make a change.

I feel like I'm at Sleepaholics Anonymous writing this post, (or perhaps not so anonymous!) and hopefully this will be the season for changing my sleeping style. I'm crossing my fingers!
I'm going to keep a log here of what time I go to sleep each night, to see if it keeps me motivated.

Bedtime Log
March 1st - 10.36 pm (pretty close)
March 2nd - 11.11pm (I know, I know, but, hey, it's Friday)
March 3rd - 10.48 pm (not bad)
March 4th - 9.30 pm (asleep about 1.10 am - fail!)
March 5th - 12 am (man!)
March 6th - 11.38pm (hmm)
March 7th - 11.55pm (sigh!)


  1. oh good luck there girl...for me that challenge would not be a problem...i wonder why..dont answer that!!!! but they do say it takes 30 days to form a habit and one day to break it...i have my hand up to be a cheer leader for you Wendy..sleep studies have been done on night creatures like you..might be good to check them out on the yaXXXX

  2. I know exactly how you feel! I'm a night owl myself and desperately need to stop this terrible habit. I blame the internet and the fact that I am too easily distracted - but really it is me having no self control or discipline. I wish you all the best :)

  3. If we are not out I quite like to go to bed early as an excuse to read! good luck with the challenge Wendy.

  4. Thanks for your cheers, everyone! It's a struggle, but I am doing better than usual, already. xx

  5. Good Luck!!! I know Exactly how hard this will be for you!! I am a terrible night owl too and not working and hospital stays have just made me worse. I'll happily go to bed at 2am and get up at 11. Lovely 9 hour sleep. But incredibly dreadful all the same.

    I might just join in with you on this one, a few days late but I have been thinking the last few nights about how I need some motivation to go to bed earlier. The only idea I've come up with is if for every night I'm in bed before 11, MR gives me $5 that I spend on me. Hahahah I haven't put it to him yet though!! What do you think my chances are?

  6. Ha! No harm in asking! I think it will do our health the world of good to go to sleep earlier. Apparently, your cells start to rejuvenate at 11pm, but only if you're asleep. xx


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