Saturday, 10 March 2012

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

I have been reading the most inspiring book by Mike George, called 1001 Ways to Relax. It has many wonderful ideas for taking the stress out of life and finding the perfect calm. Here is one I plan to enjoy today:

"Lie on the ground and gaze at the sky: From this perspective we can appreciate the true vastness of the sky as it arches above us, holding both the Earth and ourselves in its supportive embrace. We become more deeply aware of our intrinsic connection with the cosmos, the small but vital role we play in the order of nature."

This works well during the day, and at night.

Two totally different sights, but both encourage a feeling of awe!
Give yourself the opportunity today to look up to the skies, even for just a few minutes.
Go outside tonight with your family and lay on a blanket on the grass, looking up at the stars. Feel relaxation and serenity course through your body. Say a quiet prayer of thanks for the gift of life.


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  1. Thanks or linking up with us, Wendy. Gazing at the sky is sun a preoccupation of mine and I'm very glad o hear that it's a good thing to do!! x

  2. Thanks for linking up with my party! What a wonderful way to relax and focus. The skies here in Texas are absolutely beautiful to look at.

  3. Hi Wendy~I highlighted this post on my KISS party today!


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