Friday, 16 March 2012

Friday Funny - T-shirts That Make me Giggle

Whenever I want to have a bit of a laugh I Google "funny t-shirts" so I can read some funny slogans.

Here are some for you from Hope they make you giggle!

Joining up with Shelly at Tropical Mum for Friday Funny. See you there! xx


  1. Well, you succeeded in making me laugh! I particularly like the first one as I think bacon should be a food group in itself at the bottom of the food pyramid.

  2. How funny! ^_^ Thanks for sharing!

  3. LOL, i like this funny t-shirt after all.

    For more funny tees, you can visit, and they are offering lots of original t-shirts.

  4. Great t-shirt designs..

    Please don't forget to like my video, which is a collection of funny t-shirts from


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